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MS OFFICE 2010 is EOL – Don’t worry

Salon D 14 November, 2019 16:00 - 17:00

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Gilles Goulay

Many companies still use the 2010 version of MS Office. Today migration becomes mandatory because this product will be “end of life” in 2020. Microsoft pushes its customers to migrate to Office 365, the alternative offered by this software vendor is to migrate to Office 2019, but as the strategy Microsoft is migrating the installed base to subscription models, they increase the price of the on-premise Office package, and limit its life until 2025 only. As switching to MS Office 365 means being ready to adopt cloud-based solutions, a project that is hard to plan and fund, many companies are still hesitant and prefer to continue using on-premise solutions. The secondary market is the perfect solution, being flexible and cheap.


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